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CONSULTING to Business Owners and Managers

COACHING for Line Managers and Supervisors

MENTORING for Human Resource Practitioners


Your employees are a significant on-going investment. You need employees to be skilled, available and engaged. Any deviations from the standards you expect, and you have an issue that must be dealt with promptly, effectively and decisively.


Phoenix North offers comprehensive HR assistance from clarifying issues of concern and evaluating strategies, right up to system or issues planning, documentation and execution. We will help you get the best out of your people, empowering your managers through sound documentation and support. Your managers will benefit from our distinct methodology to structure and rehearse constructive employee discussions.


Workplace incidents involving employees can occur which are beyond the scope and experience of your managers to deal with. Such situations can have serious consequences for the employees involved and your business. An arms-length, comprehensive and objective investigation by us on your work site will provide you with evidence and options to take decisive action and mitigate direct financial cost and loss of productivity.


Confident, empowered and decisive management and a skilled, available and engaged workforce is just a phone call or email away.

Col Keily“I bring to your business 30 years of HR management experience in business management roles and executive roles in industries such as manufacturing, utility services and people services. My experience is unique in that I have 'hands-on' specialisation in all aspects of HR management together with representation of leading national and international HR service providers.

My charter at Phoenix North is to share my knowledge and experience with business managers to maximise the return on their on-going investment in human capital.

My expertise to draw on includes:- strategic planning, role clarification, Award interpretation, recruitment, interviewing, remuneration, employment contracts, induction, competency assessment, training, development, performance management, dispute settling, enterprise bargaining, industrial commission advocacy, counseling, discipline, safety, health & well-being, fitness for work, talent identification and legal terminations.”

Col Keily
Managing Director